I AM trained extensively in the following treatment approaches: 

Functional Manual Therapy

the coupling of mechanical treatment of the joints, soft tissues, visceral and neurovascular systems with manual neuromuscular facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function.

• Functional Mobilization I •

• Functional Mobilization II • 

• Functional Gait: Component assessment and treatment •

• Core first strategies for Optimum function • 

• PNF 1: the functional approach to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation •

• Functional Mobilization Lower Quadrant •

• Functional Mobilization Upper Quadrant •

• Functional manual therapy foundations: clinical reasoning for direct access

including safety, Palpation and tests •

Postural Restoration Institute

the integration of respiration, myokinematics, neuromuscular applications for treatment of postural imbalances

•  Postural Respiration • 

•  Pelvis Restoration • 

• Myokinematic Restoration • 

Our Method: 


here is where it all started - this belief is my foundation. It’s what convinced me to become a doctor of physical therapy from the very beginning. When you are able to heal someone, ailing their pain with your touch (or without your touch), it is a truly an indescribable feeling. It’s like a rush of energy flowing through your body. It is the

highest of ecstasy you can feel as a human being. Remember, My journey first began by watching the great Manual therapist out there, like Gregg Johnson, healing others with the slightest touch. Still today, it is the desire to heal that fuels my inner-drive to strive for greatness, pushing myself to get better, and master my craft, every single day. 


I vowed a long time ago to never stop learning.

And I keep close to this promise, by doing things like regularly attending continuing education courses. As a profession, we are only required to go to 3 Con-Ed courses, every 3 years. I average around 10 courses, any given year. Why? Because I am dedicated to giving my all, to every client that walks into my office. I know that with more knowledge, more techniques, more understanding, I can offer just that much more to all those in need of my help. Although i like to learn and read up on all topics related to physical therapy, my current focus of learning is functional manual therapy: specialized hands-on techniques, with the purpose of restoring and optimizing human function. I have also studied for several years, non-manual breathing techniques and its deep influence on postural alignment and movement efficiency





A wise person once said: if you cannot teach it to others, you do not truly own the knowledge. I am attempting to master my craft. And in doing so, I must demonstrate the ability to teach what I know to others. This also gives me a great opportunity to give back. I have had many mentors along the way, that helped me pave the path I walk today. It’s now time to pay it forward. I take on students, allow shadowing hours for those who desire it, with the purpose of handing down what I’ve learned to the next generation of healers. 

I believe behind every intention, behind every manual technique, behind every exercise cue, there must be compassion and love, to hold it up strong and true. I absolutely love what I do. And I believe it is because of that love, I have excelled in this field, so far. I love learning, I love teaching, i love healing. It is love that unifies it all. It is the glue that holds all the four cornerstone beliefs together.