As a young risk taker and former collegiate football player from Queens, Dr. Nicolas Torres, PT, DPT experienced firsthand how significantly physical therapy can impact the rehabilitation process. After countless injuries, fractured bones, and a couple of surgeries, Dr. Torres knew he wanted to become a PT. He earned his doctorate with a concentration in orthopedics and completed a mentorship affiliation in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he learned advanced manual therapy skills and techniques. Dr. Torres is currently working toward a certification in Functional Manual Therapy and Postural Restoration and has completed 10+ continuing education courses for those specializations. He intends to never stop learning.

Nick believes in a hands-on, 360-degree approach to physical therapy and is extremely invested in the overall well-being of each of his patients. He has also built a significant social media following on Instagram as The Manual Man (@the_manual_man) where he shares his techniques and knowledge. Nick is passionate about making PT more accessible to everyone, empowering patients with information and instruction, and offering a platform for conversation between patients and medical experts. The most efficient, effective treatment comes from a collaborative approach between patients and all the medical professionals involved in their care.

When he’s not in the clinic, Nick is outdoors as often as possible. He enjoys biking, kayaking, and camping with his friends and family, and is a big believer in the effectiveness of HIIT, or high intensity interval training, both in the gym and outdoor settings.

Nick wants every patient to know it is within their power to get better. No one should live with pain, and it’s never too late to seek help. He’s ready to put in the work if you are!